The department of culture and development of languages has been reorganized in 2005.
The culture sphere is that branch which promotes development of the State, it’s always on a front line.
              The work of Department of Culture and development of languages was based on the Message of the President of the country to the people of Kazakhstan, on regional programs and directed on perfection of sphere of culture, on strengthening of material base, on development of professional and amateur creativity. It’s such actions as: festival - «Ұлытау үні», «Негасушие звезды Жезказгана», «Жезқазганнын жупар кымызы», «Көнилиі ауен кештери» интересные проекты, «Казахстан – шанырак дружбы», «Үміттің алқызыл желкені» - festival, «Әнші балапан», «Күміс қоңырау», «Жұлдыз» competition, aitys.
   In 2009 the quantity of culture establishments has increased on 3. In settlements Korganbai, Kengir have opened 2 libraries and 1 club, for today of 20 culture establishments the services render the population.
              To culture establishments and arts financing from the local budget every year increases in 2008 – 125 000 000 tenge, in 2009 – 178 797 000 tenge have been allocated. Including for the fire-prevention purposes – 4 141 650 tenge, for replenishment of book fund of town libraries – 5 407 427 tenge, for periodicals subscription – 2 568 785 tenge, for repair electric lines - 120 000 tenge.
               By the program "Road map" there were capital and current repair of 11 object of culture and art of Zhezkazgan for the sum - 80 908 838 tenge.
   One of factors of competitiveness in the field of culture is the personnel potential. In this connection there is a feasible help to talented employees, creative people which enrich spiritually our life, bring the great contribution to culture development.
Doszhan Zhanbotaev – the art director of the theatre after S.Kozhamkulov, who received in 2009 a rank – «the Honored worker of culture, at festival in Karaganda in which 17 theatres of republic took part, for an impersonation of Bajsala by K.Ahmetova\'s play « Қандабарғойқанда » was awarded a nomination« The best man\'s role ».               
  Zinaida Chumakova – the director of historical-archaeological museum. In 2009 she was awarded a literary award of G.Derzhavin and awarded by a medal, also became a member of the conjunction of Journalists of Russia.        
The pride of Kazakhstan is the dancing ensemble «Нұрсаулемай», which has won twice Grand prix in Spain and Turkey.
                «Даладаусы» - chorus in 2009 in Aktobe on international festivals «ВеснаЖубанова - 2009» have won 1 place.
  Town creative and amateur collectives participated in 20 republican international competitions and festivals, having won prize-winning places.
       4 567 000 tenge are allocated for these actions.
   In the state philharmonic society after T.Kalmaganbetov 5 creative groups work. They give concerts for "The residential home for elderly", «Children\'s home "Umit", in the adaptation Center, for persons without a certain residence. 
               In the Historical-archaeological museum there were presentations of projects «In a history stream», «Their names carry our streets».
              The modernization - the special advertising project, was successfully carried out, in its frameworks have passed cycles of innovative exhibitions 50 advanced enterprises having the big social importance in ours region. In a museum are stored more than 30 thousand exhibits.
                 The house of Friendship and culture of the people - the centre of leisure of the population - there are annually spent more than 300 actions and work on development of the centre of creative and amateur collectives was conducted.
               The centre of information, enlightenment, knowledge and reading is library.                                
                In Zhezkazgan there are 11 libraries which function is to serve readers in step with modern requirements.
In the library after S.Sejfullina the Electronic slides have been spent such as: «Арманқала - Астана», «Қарашаңырақ - Қарсақбайым», «Библиотекашколамурости», «Жеркіндігі - Жезқазған», «ҰлылардыңтабанытигенҰлытау
The librarian of the town children-youthful library after L.Ruias has accepted participations in interstate Video-Internet conference «Жаскітапханашыболуоңайма
For development of languages of the people of Kazakhstan, in the Department of culture and development of languages the program «Development and use of languages for 2009» From the town budget was give 3 573 000 tenge for program functions. Including for strengthening of material base of methodical educational centre "Тілтану" 189 000 tenge was used. Studying the Kazakh language has made-33 person, courses for beginners on studying of English language have opened. All private and State enterprises pass check on knowledge of the Law «About languages». 10 spot-checks were spent, 2 5 enterprises have been captured. Following the results of monitoring in town establishments office-work is conducted 100 % in a State language. By the program have been spent: a round table «The Future of the Kazakh language - in youth hands», competition young poets and prose writers «Ұлытаудыңқосперзенті», with participation of diasporas of national cultural centre «Language is basis of Friendship » passed festival-competition more than 15 actions, for these 1 178 000 tenge are spent.
 All spent work has confirmed about a high role of sphere of culture, inspires workers of culture establishments who carry out a problem: an embodiment of new searches and opening, aspiration to new, desire to inject new life into spiritual development of sovereign Kazakhstan.

E-mail address of the State Management «Department of culture and development of languages of Zhezkazgan»: Zhezkazgan,  Alashah sq. 1, 7 floor, contact tel.: 73-61-13, 73-40-32,77-40-19. The electronic address: tiltanu@list.ru.
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